The best bar tour in Interlaken

Every Saturday in Interlaken


Bars.  club. free shots.

18.- CHF per Person


The Pub Crawl

A Pubcrawl always starts at a meeting point. Its important that everyone shows up in time. Usually, you can already meet the guides at 9.15 pm around Balmers Hostel. 

We will start at:

9.30 PM Balmers hostel

after that its quite simple, just follow the guide.

Something in advance: A Pubrawl is a cultural experience, so you are doing something good. Don't be afraid to tell your friends to join as well.

The price

The price to attend the pub crawl is 18.- CHF. 

This includes a guide (or two), a free shot or a special deal at every place and guaranteed entry to the club.

So let's do the math: A shot in Switzerland usually costs 5-6 CHF. We will stop at least at 4 places, which is equal to 4 shots, which would cost...  yeah you know! A pretty good deal huh?

The Bars and Nightlife

Each bar awaits you with a different atmosphere and a unique story behind  We as locals go there and that's why you should go there too!

One offers the widest range of beers in town together with live music, another the best tequila and so on. You see.... there is a lot to taste, visit and experience. Join us!

the stuff you can expect

The ratings

The PaRTners


The meeting point

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If you’re looking to meet other travellers and get a taste of the Interlaken nightlife, this pub crawl is great! Went to different bars, ending at Balmer’s club. Free shots and good company.
— James