Q: Are You from interlaken?

A: Yes, all our guides are locals. They were at least born & raised in Interlaken or still live here.

Q: Why is switzerland so expensive?

A: Ask your guide about the “Tequilla model” (© Fabian).

Q: what is the wifi password?

A: We do love the internet, social media, tinder and everything else. But the main goal of our Pub Crawl is to meet new people from around the world and socialize with them. Therefore we would like to suggest that you safe your pictures etc. and upload them when we return to Balmers or better; the day after and make some new friends instead. However, in any case of emergency talk to your guide :-)

Q: How long do we stay in each bar?

A: Roughly 30 minutes.

Q: Can I stay longer in a bar if I like?

A: Yes, but you will not get the other granted discounts and shots when you leave the tour.

Q: Can I pay with credit cards?

A: Yes and no. In some of the bars you might be able to pay with credit cards, but the transaction costs may exceed the price of your drink. Therefore we suggest to withdrawl some cash ahead or on the way to the first bar.